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فرزانه آرین نژاد

شماره عضویت: 1525
تاریخ عضویت: 1394
آدرس ایمیل:
Farzaneh Ariannejad is an experienced Graphic Designer in Tehran who is specialized and skilled in typography and typeface design. She holds an MA in Visual Communication, and also is a lecturer at Soore Art University. Farzaneh is author of the “Farsi Type Design” a textbook for high school education published by Organization of Educational Research & Planning. As a graphic designer she has attended graphic exhibitions and attained different awards and honors and her works have been published in books such as Third and Fifth Silver Cypress Biennial. She has also worked at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art as an Art Consultant & Translator in Foreign Affairs Department. The book “Inside Paragraph” she translated was published by Meshki Publication, she also has other published translations on the subject of graphic design and typography. Farzaneh is an adventurous person who other than graphic design, teaching and research spends her time on traveling and photography. You can reach her on Instagram at @farzaneharian.
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